10 tips to make the most of your vacation

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After weeks of hard work, taking a few days off feels great! Be aware, however, that you will not immediately be able to put yourself in ‘vacation’ mode.

The 10 tips below will allow you to access optimal pleasure in record time.

1. Plan ahead

Holiday stress ? Not know ! Precise and above all timely planning is essential. Be sure to list all the tasks that you still need to do before your holidays and spread them over a relatively long period of time. Doing so will make it easier for you to meet deadlines and feel less stressed. Just before your absence, all you have to do is clean up your workspace your vacation and put the last dots on the i’s. Good organization, peace of mind and structure to welcome you on your return: this is the ideal recipe for a successful holiday.

2. The laptop stays at home

Are you having trouble quitting your job? It’s understandable but you have no choice if you want to completely relax. Therefore, leave your laptop safe at your home and do not secretly check your emails on your phone. And why not stop synchronizing your smartphone during your entire vacation? If you program an ‘out of office’ message and mention a contact person during your absence, everything will be fine. After all, you’ve already planned and anticipated potential problems when preparing for your vacation period, haven’t you?

3. Choose a good replacement

You are not 100% sure that you have closed all of your files? Are you worried that a mountain of work awaits you when you return? Designate a trusted colleague who will temporarily take over your responsibilities. Explain to this person what the most important deadlines are while you are away and show them how you would normally handle them. If everything is clear in his eyes, you can leave with peace of mind.

4. Be active and creative

It may not seem like much, but walking, cycling, running, painting or drawing will stimulate your creativity and allow you to relax in a constructive way. Annelies Quaegebeur, career coach at ‘A-lissome’, comments on this: “If you are completely absorbed in an activity that has nothing to do with your work, you will find that you find a new source of inspiration. This will renew your energy levels. Write down your thoughts in a notebook so you can reconnect with the positive feeling you felt during your vacation should your diet drop when you return.”

5. Spontaneity is also allowed from time to time

Many people see their job as a structure where they have to respect work schedules. The good news is that, on vacation, this structure is not necessary. You don’t have to plan everything and can afford to do whatever you want. Leave room for spontaneity. A sudden urge to visit a museum or relax by the pool? Everything is possible !

6. What do you ​​find important?

Now that you have time for yourself (and your family), it’s time to think about what matters most to you . A hug with your spouse, a good breakfast with your children or reading that novel that has been lying around in your closet for months? You can also work in your garden, but don’t forget to take enough time for yourself. This will allow you to reflect on your life, what you enjoy and what you may want to adjust.

7. Think about your return before your trip

It may be a good idea to plan a few more days at home after your stay abroad. Otherwise, you will find yourself directly immersed in the stress of your professional life and lose the benefits of your vacation in a few days. Take the time to put away your belongings, go through your mail and recover from jet lag. In other words, relax and take advantage of these last days to unwind before returning to work.

8. Make sure you don’t get bored

To make sure you don’t worry about your work, plan distractions such as a novel or board games. Also find out in advance about activities to do in the area, especially if you are traveling with children.? Turn on the radio, program your favorite songs and relax…

9. In a nutshell: enjoy

Do fun things, visit special places and have unique experiences you’ll never forget. According to Annelies Quaegebeur, vacations only have positive effects: “By enjoying freedom, you become more optimistic and your energy level increases visibly. After your vacation, your batteries will be recharged to 300% for you get back to work.”

10. Sleep, eat, repeat

Getting enough sleep isn’t just important if you have to go to work… Your body really needs rest. Don’t skimp on the hours of sleep. Also, try to maintain a fixed sleeping pattern and opt for a healthy and tasty diet. All you have to do is enjoy your vacation as it should be. Have a good trip !

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