How to organize a trip with friends?

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It all started around an aperitif, a raclette or a barbecue. How about going on vacation with your group of friends? An idea full of promise, but which requires a certain organization so that it does not turn into nightmares. Organizing a trip with friends deserves to adjust “only” a few parameters.

5 tips for organizing a trip with friends

It may seem obvious, but before even considering the preparations for a trip with friends , you have to choose them well. You surely have a group of loyal friends, with whom you have already made 400 moves. But are you ready to live 24 hours a day with them ? Everyone has their habits and quirks that we don’t necessarily know about. Once the first step is to build the right team , here are some tips to leave with peace of mind .

The first golden rule is to know how to make concessions

Whether you are childhood friends or accomplices for several months, your friends can still have surprises in store for you. While planning your trip with friends, you might learn that Michel has car sickness, or that David, your best friend, does not have exactly the same desires as you.

As in many situations, it is important to know how to make concessions . Taking it upon yourself for certain decisions can allow you to spend an unforgettable holiday. Having a good time and creating memories aren’t they the objectives of a trip with friends?

Choose the destination and duration of the trip together

A journey among friends begins from the beginning of the organization. Deciding on a whim to go all together does not ensure that everyone wants to go to the same place. Hopefully, this is a project you’ve all had in mind for a while. The destination is therefore all found, all you have to do is agree on the itinerary.

If leaving together is your only leitmotif, you will have to find a destination that will satisfy the group . Some will prefer the sea, while others have a penchant for the mountains. It is therefore essential to organize a round table, and not to leave it until everyone is in agreement.

The same goes for the duration of the trip. It will already not be easy to stall everyone’s holidays at the same time. So you have to be on the same wavelength as to the length of stay . Especially since you will have to support each other throughout the holidays. For a first experience, it is perhaps good not to see things too big.

Choose the ideal accommodation for a trip with friends

To avoid having to manage cleaning and shopping chores, which can be contentious, the easiest way would be to choose a hotel  or even a 25-person (or larger) lodge that can accommodate everyone. The problem being that it’s not very user-friendly since everyone would be separated. In addition, it may quickly encrypt. Especially if you have to add outdoor dining.

The ideal still remains the rental of a house , large enough to accommodate the whole troop. Be sure to get accommodation with enough bedrooms so that everyone can have some privacy. Depending on the size of your group of friends, we multiply the bathrooms as much as possible to avoid conflicts in the morning.

The common living room and the kitchen must also be large enough to accommodate everyone. Even if it means sharing everything for a few days, as long as it is done in the best conditions and not being crowded on top of each other . Think about the risk of a rainy day locking you all inside…

What means of transport to get to your destination?

Depending on the chosen destination, you will not always have the choice of means of transport. Especially if you have to cross the oceans, it will be difficult to get there by bike or by car. On the other hand, if you stay on the mainland, you will be spoiled for choice. It is therefore advisable to see according to the desires and possibilities of each. If one of your friends is afraid of flying, you’ll have to find another solution!

On site you will surely need a vehicle. If only to  discover the surrounding landscapes. Depending on how many you are, it’s up to you whether you need a car or two. You can even go so far as to rent a minibus so that you always stay together on your travels.

Organizing a road trip can be a good alternative to traveling with friends. Take care to choose a vehicle that will provide the necessary comfort for long journeys. Don’t forget that everyone’s luggage will also have to be transported.

Create a kitty before departure

Good accounts make good friends. Before even booking anything, it is essential to assess everyone’s budget. It is out of the question to make someone uncomfortable because they have a small budget, while others can indulge themselves more. So we calculate all the possible expenses, which we share equally.

For on-site activities, plan an overall budget not to be exceeded. Designate someone who will take care of the cash flow, the organization of the stay until your return. But never forget to play the transparency card. It would be a shame to ruin your vacation for money.

Besides, never lend or borrow money from your friends. If only  10 or 20 euros to buy you a souvenir. An oversight quickly happened. The consequences can be more serious than not returning with the t-shirt or mug bearing the image of your holiday destination.

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