What is a road trip?

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My new computer screen in January bears witness to this, an illustration representing a group of young girls on the mythical Route 66, the road trip is on the rise! There is even talk of a true road trip culture … Impossible to miss the films, music, books or even documentaries evoking the road trip or the famous vanlife .

The road trip, a state of mind

In a trip it is not the destination that counts but always the path taken, and especially the detours.

Before embarking on a road trip, make sure this mode of travel is right for you . Indeed, a road trip, even organized, retains a good deal of unforeseen events of all kinds ! This is not about joining a vacation spot but about making the road your trip and letting your desires lead you .

Thus, your road trip can take a completely unexpected turn according to your encounters and your explorations. And this is what constitutes the very DNA of the road trip and makes it so rewarding.

To sum up, before hitting the road and embarking on a road trip, take these different aspects into consideration and ask yourself if you like adventure . Do you have the soul of a road tripper ? You can also rent a vehicle to make sure the road trip is fun and convenient for you.

A road trip to open up to the world

Which brings us to openness to the world . Whether it takes place in France or beyond our borders, the road trip facilitates contacts, experiences and discoveries . This feature is facilitated by the autonomy inherent in this mode of travel.

Indeed, in a van, van or motorhome, your only need each day will be to find a place to put your wheels down , to park for the time of a visit or to spend the night. There are many tools for this, such as the park4night collaborative application , or the France Passion network .


As we have already mentioned, the road trip is most often done in a motorized vehicle . You can therefore opt for:

– the motorbike : this mode of transport is more particularly aimed at thrill seekers , who like to be one with the road. It also requires traveling light , does not offer full autonomy and is more subject to weather constraints .

– simply the car . Again, it will be necessary to provide a limited number of luggage . Autonomy is also limited in the car due to lack of space. However, you can opt for a removable rack , which makes your everyday vehicle ready for travel in no time and without conversion.

– the overcab motorhome : this type of motorhome is particularly suitable for long family stays , thanks to its adapted facilities and its permanent beds . With its beautiful living space , the overcab motorhome offers great autonomy .

– the streamlined motorhome : this is the compact version of a coachbuilt motorhome. This motorhome includes a permanent bed and has enough living space to provide enough autonomy for 4 travellers .

– the integral : luxurious and spacious , this type of motorhome can accommodate from 2 to 6 people depending on the model. With its integrated driver’s cabin and its permanent beds, you have perfect autonomy when traveling . The integral motorhome offers incomparable driving comfort with its panoramic view. However, it requires a certain ease and maneuverability.

– the van : handy and versatile, the van is an ideal vehicle for a road trip for 2 or 3 people . However, it offers relative comfort because it does not have a fixed bedding and very rarely has a toilet or an indoor shower. To be reserved for the most adventurous.

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