What foods to take on the road trip?

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The holidays are coming! Although this year many people have had to reconsider their travel plans, I think that a number of us will still try to leave and given the disruptions at airports in recent months and the difficulty in organizing a travel abroad, France will be privileged, as well as car journeys. Being a fan of healthy cooking, zero waste and with as few industrial products as possible, in recent years I have wondered how to organize the ideal picnic for long journeys.

Follow these few tips if you want to avoid ending up with highway shop triangle sandwiches!

To snack

To snack during short breaks and or directly in the car, think of popcorn (be careful, you risk putting it everywhere!), vegetable crisps, which you can make at home before departure if you have the courage, with homemade crackers. A mixture of seeds and nuts will also be perfect for snacking and giving you energy. Cereal bars with as little sugar as possible are foods also a good choice if you want a sweet option.

I’m not talking about drinking alcohol on the road huh! There are times when you have to be reasonable. On the other hand, you can nibble on a small snack at the start of your meal or as an accompaniment. Vegetable sticks or cherry tomatoes are very nice and practical to take along, and you can serve them with hummus or guacamole. A mixture of nuts and seeds can allow you to snack throughout the day or be served as an accompaniment to your snack. Olives are also a source of good fat and a perfect snack. For the greediest, bring cubes of cheese already cut in a jar.


A salad already tossed with the dressing on the side will withstand travel in a cooler just fine. The avocado is also perfect for providing you with good fat, and it is very practical to eat with a small spoon, but above all, do not cut it in advance. To consume healthy proteins while traveling, hard-boiled eggs will make an ideal complement. With all that, you’ll definitely want something heartier. sandwiches are obviously a suitable option, provided they are prepared with wholemeal bread. Wraps are also nice and convenient because they don’t get soggy like bread. Finally, highways always offer microwaves so a soup is also an option, especially if you are traveling in bad weather!


Even on the vacation route, eating fruit is ideal. but also provide diced fresh fruit in jars so that it is easy to consume. Bananas or apples are also a simple and practical option. Think of dried fruits mixed with nuts, and if you want a dairy product, bring Greek yogurt, which you can sprinkle with muesli (stored separately to prevent it from getting soggy).


It is important to stay hydrated throughout your trip and for this, everyone should have a bottle of water, the only essential drink. A little coffee can be appreciated if you start your journey in the morning, but don’t overdo it, as it can get on your nerves and make you want to go to the bathroom every 10 minutes. Provide a fresh fruit and vegetable juice for snack if you like.

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